Cà Muretta is surrounded by a fantastic natural landscape. Just beyond the gate, numerous roads and paths will lead you to places that will remain in your heart. These are only a few of our different offers that can satisfy everyone!

1. The Hermitage of San Giorgio (2 hours): reachable from Cà Muretta in about half an hour. The hermitage is a place of peace, silence and prayers. It was founded in 1663. The construction work continued throughout the seventeenth century and was completed with the building of the church in 1704. Following the napoleonic suppression of 1810 the hermitage was abandoned and the complex was inhabited by farmers until 1885, when it returned to reside in a camaldolese community, which is still there. Monks run a small shop of herbal and culinary products, which are very interesting. (

2. Scientific Natural Park of Novezzina and Botanical Garden (1 day). In the city of Ferrara, which is situated about 20 km from Bardolino, there is the Botanical Garden of Novezzina. It extends to about 20.000 mq and collects Baldo native plants and flowers, which are presented for didactic purposes like profanation, preservation and scientific research. Here the microenvironments and the ecosystem of the area have been recreated, giving the opportunity to admire the floral biodiversity of the mountain Hortus Europae to tourists and fans. (

3. The Vittoriale (half a day or all day):Taking the boat from Bardolino, in about an hour ( or if you're in a hurry you can leave from Garda and you can reach it in 45 minutes), you get to Gardone Riviera, which is situated on the opposite shore of the lake. Here you can immerse yourself in the decadent atmosphere of the big Vate's wonderful house. Gabriele D'Annunzio, one of the most famous italian poets in '900. The feelings and the suggestions you'll have here, are impossible to describe in words... only a personal visit will let you feel the emotion! (

4. The fun Parks (all day): on the whole area of the Lake Garda, it's possible to find fun parks for adults and children. From Gardaland ( to Canevaworld ( to Movieland Park ( A little bit farther, at Bussolengo, you can find even the Zoo Safari of the Natura Viva Park (

5. The Arena of Verona is an amphitheater located in the storic centre of Verona. It is a symbol of the city just like Romeo and Giuliette. It is also, one of the biggest manufactured theathers that has characterized the roman architecture. It is an old amphitheater with the best degree of conservation, thanks to the systematic renovations that have been made since '600. In summer it entertains the famous lyrical festival and many international singers and musicians stop by (


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