Welcome! We are Margherita, Virginia, Marianna, Barbara, Roberto.

Lovers, ever since, of the Lake Garda, we decided to start a new adventure right in this wonderful place, even though we kept our jobs for awhile. Roberto is a business man and Barbara is an Italian teacher.

So we began our search for a house just the way we wanted it: magical. It took awhile before finding it, so when we saw it...it was love!

The previous owner, Gabriella, a delightful lady, told us right away that Cà Muretta is special because here, always, peace and harmony reign. It was just what we were looking for, for us and for our future guests. So, here we are, ready to open the doors of our house!

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  • info@camuretta.it
  • +39 349 462 6745
  • Località Corone 4
  •      37011 Bardolino (VR), Italia
  • D.D.C.S.A. di A&G s.s.
  •      PI 03605020233